How to keep cockroaches away

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Here are some steps you can take to prevent cockroaches from entering your home or building:

  1. Seal any cracks or openings in the foundation or exterior walls.
  2. Install door sweeps on all exterior doors and repair or replace damaged screens.
  3. Keep food stored in sealed containers and dispose of trash regularly.
  4. Fix any leaks or areas where water may be accumulating. Cockroaches are attracted to moisture, so fixing any damp areas can help deter them.
  5. Regularly clean your home, paying special attention to areas where food is stored or prepared. This includes wiping down counters, washing dishes, and sweeping and mopping the floor.
  6. Avoid bringing bags, boxes, or other items that may have been stored in an infested area into your home.
  7. Consider using natural cockroach repellents, such as citrus-scented sprays or essential oils.

If you already have a cockroach infestation, it may be necessary to use bait traps or insecticides to eliminate the cockroaches. If the infestation is severe, it may be necessary to call a pest control professional.


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